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Family Care Giving: A Success Story

Helen’s story provides an example of how a family can come together in a complimentary way to care for an aging parent. Helen is aging well. She is 88, about to be 89, and in good health. She lives independently at home and is financially secure due to her frugal ways and her modest lifestyle. She still drives, although these days she only goes out during the day to places that are familiar to her.


Family Caregiving: Priceless?

When we think about caregiving options, we often consider the costs of home care, a nursing home and assisted living facility—and on the flip side, the costs avoided, should a family member be able to provide care. Those of us who have experienced caring for a family member, however, know that the costs of family caregiving are anything but avoided.


When you live in a nursing home you have rights.

Imagine what it feels like to be in a situation where you have no control over what, when and how you get to do things. When I think of losing freedom I think of prison. But more commonly for most of us this happens if you are hospitalized—or if you find yourself in a nursing home.

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Assess Your Needs

Check out this section to assess your needs and guide your long-term elder care strategy. Specifically, our Care Guide Compass helps determine options for care and those costs based on your needs and ultimately, leads you down the right path for care.

Evaluate Providers

Ready to hone your provider search and evaluate options? This section helps guide your search and offers checklists to use as you evaluate providers so you’re armed with the right information and make the most informed decision.


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