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Home Health Care: Which Company is the Right One For Me?

Healthcare decisions are some of the most important ones you will make in your life. And they are particularly difficult ones because we make them when we are under extreme stress. Add to that the lack of information about options, and it becomes a wonder that we ever get it right.


New Year’s Resolution: Provide Care While Preserving Self-Efficacy

It’s New Year’s Eve, and introspection and goal setting are underway. Perhaps due to a year in which my husband overcame a blood infection caused by a specific bacterium, I’ve been thinking a lot about those who receive care.


Trimming away the excess

This week, as I was in the midst of holiday craziness, I took a break and read a short piece by Scott Stoner on Advent. In this reading, he talks about the derivation of the word prepare. It comes from the Latin word pre, meaning before, and pare, meaning to trim away the excess—or as we might say, pare down. The word struck a chord with me. I decided to review “my list,” or all the things I had planned for the holidays, and rank each one according to its relative importance—to me and my values. What I discovered surprised me: The majority of my overwhelming list fell into the “not so important” category.

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Assess Your Needs

Check out this section to assess your needs and guide your long-term elder care strategy. Specifically, our Care Guide Compass helps determine options for care and those costs based on your needs and ultimately, leads you down the right path for care.

Evaluate Providers

Ready to hone your provider search and evaluate options? This section helps guide your search and offers checklists to use as you evaluate providers so you’re armed with the right information and make the most informed decision.


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