Person-Centered Care

What does the Green House Project, Eden Alternative and the Pioneer Network have in common? All these organizations are dedicated to changing the culture of long term care from a medical to a person centered model. By the way, this is not some fringe movement. The Veteran’s Administration embraces person-centered care and has launched a major effort to change the way long-term care is delivered and even the way its new nursing homes are being built.

Institutions don’t have feelings or needs. People do. And culture change strives to put the needs of individuals first by creating nurturing, fulfilling homelike long term care environments that meet the needs of residents.

The nursing home experience would be very different if the building were homelike, if staff members treated each resident as an individual rather than the patient in room 212, bed 3, if residents could truly decide when to get up, bathe, dress, go to sleep and eat. Most likely there would be fewer agitated residents and a happier atmosphere. Check out these websites to learn more about person-centered care and let us know your thoughts.

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