Elder Care Helper Launches Website that Brings Clarity to Elder Care Choices

Contact: Susan Cherco, Founder, Elder Care Helper
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E-mail: susancherco@eldercarehelper.com

Elder Care Helper Launches Website that Brings Clarity to Elder Care Choices

January 16, 2013 – More than 20 years ago, my mother suffered a debilitating stroke. The following five months were a near-nightmare.

“I was trying to do the right thing without knowing what the right thing was,” says Susan Cherco, who navigated a myriad of doctors, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, home care and hospice options until her mother passed away.

“I was uncertain about what types of care are most appropriate and how much it would all cost,” Cherco says. “I questioned my every decision along the way. That experience changed the direction of my life.”

Today, that same uncertainty exists for many—and it’s arguably gotten worse with the influx of unprecedented numbers of seniors in the United States.

Enter Elder Care Helper – a new online resource that brings clarity to elder care choices. Developed and launched by Cherco, a long-time elder care care manager, guardian and consumer advocate, this website aims to eliminate the doubt and uncertainty for those seeking care options for themselves or a loved one.

Elder Care Helper allows visitors to:

  • Assess your individualized needs;
  • Identify long-term care options and supplemental services that meet those needs;
  • Estimate costs for the care that makes most sense for you;
  • Find and evaluate long-term care providers; and,
  • Connect with others via the Elder Care Corner forum blog, individualized in-person and phone consulting.

“Elder Care Helper is my way of converting a very real and personal frustration into a rich resource for anyone seeking clarity in their elder care choices and options,” Cherco says.

About Elder Care Helper: Elder Care Helper (https://eldercarehelper.com) is an online resource developed by Elder Care Sources, LLC that seeks to create more transparency in the long-term care marketplace. More specifically, it helps consumers navigate the often-confusing landscape with education, care assessment tools, guidance and community-focused opportunities. Elder Care Helper also provides consulting services.

About Elder Care Helper Founder Susan Cherco: As consultant and founder of Elder Care Helper, Susan Cherco has a Master’s degree in Gerontology and has worked in the elder care field as a case manager and court-appointed guardian for 10-plus years. In the last several years, she has wanted to find a way to offer free, unbiased information to help people navigate the maze of long-term care and find the best care possible with no strings attached – no referral fees from providers and no fees for access to the site. With the help of friends and family, Elder Care Helper launched mid-November. As part of her business Elder Care Sources, LLC, Cherco also offers consultations for those who seek to discuss needs, options and costs with a live person. See https://eldercarehelper.com/aboutus/bio/ for more.