Trimming away the excess

This week, as I was in the midst of holiday craziness, I took a break and read a short piece by Scott Stoner on Advent. In this reading, he talks about the derivation of the word prepare. It comes from the Latin word pre, meaning before, and pare, meaning to trim away the excess—or as we might say, pare down. The word struck a chord with me. I decided to review “my list,” or all the things I had planned for the holidays, and rank each one according to its relative importance—to me and my values. What I discovered surprised me: The majority of my overwhelming list fell into the “not so important” category.

Patient Advocacy: Why We Need It

Per my recent posts, my husband Don was recently diagnosed with a liver abscess and blood infection caused by a specific bacterium. During his first two days in the hospital, he had a high fever and was on heavy duty antibiotics. He was also experiencing a lot of pain and receiving pain medication. In other words, he was a very sick man—and because of his illness and the medications, he spent much time dozing on and off.