Vertical Families, Overburdened Caregivers.

More than 20 years ago, my mother had a stroke.

As her only surviving child, I became her primary caregiver. That choice was one that continues a long tradition of family members taking care of their own, for as long as they can.

Planning For Long-Term Care

In my last post, I wrote about two people who used up their Medicare benefit for in-patient skilled care but were not able to return to an independent life. One ended up opting to stay in a nursing home. The other went home with home health care services, a family caregiver and additional assistance from a home care worker.

Not Your Typical Dinner Conversation—But A Great One

As I am aging, I find that conversations seem to be focus on end of life issues more than ever. The mother of a good friend is in a nursing home following rehab from a fall. At this point, no one knows for sure when, or whether, she will be able to return to her home.

Ambulatory Surgery for Seniors: More Common, Higher Readmission Rates

Today, health care providers are looking for ways to cut costs. One way this is being accomplished is by eliminating hospital stays wherever possible.

Are Meds for Depression and Anxiety Safe For Older Adults?

A lot has been written about serious problems that occur when patients take many different medications. This is called poly-pharmacy. Doctors are often unaware of the other doctors their patients see and the medications they take.

Summer BBQ? Plan Ahead for the Elder Contingent

In our family, we like to have everyone over, once in the summer and once during the winter holidays. And the summertime get-together is especially fun if the weather allows us to be outdoors. Last month, I wrote about some conditions that cause problems for older adults at festivals.

Tips to Help an Aging—and Resistant—Parent or Loved One

In my last few posts, I described some successful family care scenarios. There was a problem (e.g., aging parent, medical issue), and everyone cooperated, made a plan and proceeded to manage things relatively smoothly. But as we all know, that does not always happen—and for many reasons.

Family Caregiving: Priceless?

When we think about caregiving options, we often consider the costs of home care, a nursing home and assisted living facility—and on the flip side, the costs avoided, should a family member be able to provide care. Those of us who have experienced caring for a family member, however, know that the costs of family caregiving are anything but avoided.

When we fail to Communicate

A recent article in ScienceDaily got me thinking about parent/adult child conversations. According to the article adult children often see their parents as stubborn. The writers go on to suggest that interventions can be developed to ease these interactions and improve communication.

New Year’s Resolution: Provide Care While Preserving Self-Efficacy

It’s New Year’s Eve, and introspection and goal setting are underway. Perhaps due to a year in which my husband overcame a blood infection caused by a specific bacterium, I’ve been thinking a lot about those who receive care.