Primary Caregiver Loss

Losing your primary caregiver, for any reason, is one of the most traumatic experiences possible. Most likely, this person is a loved one, a spouse or adult daughter or son. You will need to arrange for temporary care under difficult circumstances and with limited options.

Three key steps to help ensure a safe and appropriate transition:

Step 1: Rally family. Is there a qualified family member available to help for a short or long period of time until you are able to make a more permanent arrangement?

Step 2: Consider home care. If no family member is available, you can arrange for home care. Home care can serve as a temporary or permanent solution depending on your preferences and circumstances. Ask for home care agency recommendations from friends, clergy, your doctor and/or a local hospital. See Evaluate a Provider for advice to make a good choice.

Step 3: Explore local care providers. Explore all options for care in your area, and decide on a permanent solution based on your preferences, needs and financial circumstances. Use this site to successfully navigate the elder care marketplace, or contact us for a consultation.