CCRC Evaluation

Now that you have a solid understanding of CCRCs (see Types of Elder Care – CCRC), the types of people they best serve and associated costs, it’s time to hone your search and evaluate potential providers.

First, here are more details on CCRCs, licensure, contracts and financial sustainability to help you navigate your path to finding the right care.

Licensure: While independent living communities are not subject to regulation, the nursing home and assisted living facilities within the CCRC are subject to the same federal and/or state and local regulation applicable to those types of institutions. See nursing homes and assisted living facilities for further information on licensure requirements.

Contracts: At one time, many CCRC contracts offered care for a life at a guaranteed cost. These contracts were called Life Care contracts. Most CCRCs no longer offer such an option. Typically the CCRC contract will offer either a Modified Care contract that guarantees a set number of days of skilled and custodial care per year at a guaranteed per diem cost or a fee for service option.

Financial Viability: Unlike assisted living facilities and nursing homes, CCRCs must maintain sufficient reserves to deliver future care for residents at rates and terms set by the original contract.